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The Boilers

It is a common misconception that with wood heating the system is too 'hands on' and requires a lot of input. With modern technology come fully automatic appliances with efficiencies exceeding that of a gas boiler. The introduction of wood pellets gives a high relative density with high calorific value, meaning they require very little storage and/or manual intervention.

Although we are a business and business’ are there to make a profit, we are genuinely passionate about biomass systems and believe in the technology, and therefore we look to propose a system that is right for the project. Therefore although we do affiliate with certain manufacturers, we do so based purely on the quality and reliability of the equipment, based on real installations in the UK and not just from a brochure, which means the boiler we propose is based on your needs not ours.

We will consider proposals from clients for the installation of any manufacturer, but will not quote for a project where we believe the equipment will not match our high installation standards and reputation. These systems should last for 20 years, and so should our relationship with the customer. We can offer the technical support and maintenance for this period and need to be sure the manufacturer can do the same. It is this stance that gives us our reputation and can be backed by real testimonies.

We can design, supply, install and commission wood log systems, wood chip systems, wood pellet systems, and dual fuel systems that combine log/pellet or chip/pellet.

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